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TopGun Sidekick ionising gun

Simco-Ion's Top Gun Sidekick is developed for light industrial, electronics and cleanroom applications. A high ion production ensures optimal neutralisation of static charges with handsfree operation. 

  • Static Elimination
  • AC Ionisation
  • Surface Cleaning

The TopGun III Sidekick offers hands-free operation and flexible positioning during assembly and manufacturing processes. A foot pedal controls both ionisation and airflow, which reduces compressed air costs and extends the life of the ioniser. The flexible gun mount allows the operator to focus the ionised airflow where it is needed. The stand includes a steel bracket for easy bench-top mounting.

  • Working distance 300mm
  • Electronics, clean room and light industrial use
  • Integrated high voltage power unit
  • Inline filter to ensure clean air output
  • LED status indicator
  • Supplied with benchtop mounting kit

Part Numbers

0507200107 – 7ft cable, 230V/50Hz

0507200110 - 10ft cable, 230V/50Hz

Technical Specs
Housing Material: Static dissipative polycarbonate/ABS
Ionisation point: Special alloy
Cable: Static dissipative, 3 or 6m
Discharge: ±1000-100V 0.5 sec. @ 5cm
Balance: ±15V
Weight: 0.6kg (incl 3m cable)
Use circumstances: Light industrial, Electronics
Operating voltage: 5kV AC
Noise level: 76dB using 2 bar @ 60cm
Air consumption: 68 L/min @ 2 bar
Max pressure: 7 bar
Air connection: 1/8" NPT female
Air filter: 0.01 micron