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ThunderION 2.0 Anti-Static bar

The ThunderION anti-static ionising bar provides market leading performance with a range in excess of 1000mm. 24V DC technology gives reliabilty backed by a 4 year warranty. 

  • Static elimination
  • 24V DC input voltage
  • Pulsed DC ionisation
  • 4 year warranty
  • IQ Version Available 
  • Universal Mounting

The ThunderION anti-static ionising bar makes long range ionisation possible, without air assist. Being innovative in both design and functionality, this market leader offers long range static elimination, over one metre.The robust design of the reinforced extruded profile makes it perfect for use in an industrial environment up to even 5m length.

The ThunderION boasts disc shaped emitters, as opposed to conventional sharp pin emitters, resulting in a massive ion output with a greater spread. The emitters are shock-less and are mounted on a flexible silicon body so preventing damage if hit by foreign bodies.

The bar has an integrated high voltage power supply and requires only a low voltage input of 24V DC. This new concept for long range static neutralisation is achieved with a combination of pulsed DC and a low frequency. The LED's on four sides visualise bar ON or bar ALARM. The totally new designed housing makes it very easy to clean the ThunderION anti-static bar. All key parts, including emitters, are removable for easy cleaning.


  • Long working distance: 300-1000 mm
  • Incorporated high voltage power supply, input voltage 24V DC
  • Easy to clean
  • Teflon emitter holders
  • Visual indications with multicolour LED’s on 3 sides
Technical Specs
  • Long range neutralisation of static charges over 1000 mm 
  • Shock-less touchable emitters 
  • Flexible, replaceable emitter 
  • Removable support brackets 
  • Removable end brackets 
  • Removable side plates 
  • Visual indications with multicolour LED's on 4 sides 
  • Patented technology 
  • Shock-less emitters 
  • IQ version available, with clean bar indication