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If you experience a problem with static electricity, Simco-Ion can offer a product to solve it, from anti-static bars and guns to blowers. There are a number of companies you can buy this equipment from in the UK, but we only sell one – Simco-Ion.

We believe Simco-Ion manufacture the most innovative products on the market, with particular attention paid to the use of premium quality components. From late 2016 all Simco 24V DC products come with a massive four-year warranty, demonstrating Simco's confidence in their products.

Who Are Simco-Ion?

Simco-Ion are the market leaders in static control, manufacturing on three sites in Europe, USA and Japan. Add to this a worldwide network of agents and distributors, offering supply and support anywhere on the planet!

With 50 years of knowledge and experience, Simco static bars can offer a complete range of static elimination and static charging equipment.


Simco Anti-Static Bars and More

Simco anti-static bar products range from individual anti-static bars to modern hi-tech systems that control and monitor a number of devices remotely. These smart systems will monitor performance and advise personnel when maintenance needs to be carried out.

These systems can benefit manufacturers of plastics or paper, printers or any other industry where static charges can build up. Static charges can cause production stops or shocks to personnel. It’s important to neutralise them to increase productivity and comply with modern Health & Safety standards.

Simco-Ion can also make static electricity your friend, with an innovative range to apply a static charge to materials. Using this, non-conductive materials can be temporarily bonded together, labels pinned to moulding tools, leaks detected and perforations counted.

Our range of anti static products