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  1. FMX-004

    The Simco FMX-004 is the convenient compact handheld electrostatic field meter that offers unrivalled measurement and storage capabilities. The user-friendly device allows you to measure and store polarity and field strength accurately and efficiently. The unique integrated LED indicators help the user to set the correct measurement distance, ensuring accurate readings. The unique bicolour display shows the measured value both numerical and graphically.

  2. Sensor IQ Easy
    Sensor IQ Easy

    The Sensor IQ Easy measures the electrostatic charge of a web and can be added to the IQ Easy platform. The Sensor IQ Easy is a bar type device that can hold up to 16 sensor heads. Each sensor head can be placed strategically across the web to monitor the electrostatic charge. All data from each sensor head is communicated directly to the Manager IQ Easy and stored for process monitoring.

    • Static measuring
    • IQ version available
    • 24V DC input voltage
    • 4 year warranty
    • Universal mounting
  3. TensION

    The Simco-Ion TensION can be used to check AC/DC discharging and charging equipment. TensION indicates whether a high voltage is present on the ionising emitters or charging points.

    • Static Measuring
    • Handheld
  4. SRM100 Resistivity Meter
    SRM100 Resistivity Meter

    The SRM 100 surface resistivity meter is an extremely accurate device, allowing measurement of plastic film and other insulators. Indicates resistance to 'half a decade' through the important static dissipative range using 10/100 volt test voltages to ensure more accurate readings.

    • Static Measuring
  5. Model 775 Handheld Periodic Verification System
    Model 775 Handheld Periodic Verification System

    The Simco-Ion Periodic Verification System Model 775PVS is a hand-held alternative to a charged plate monitor.

    • Measurement