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  1. anti static air blower
    BlowION Ionising Anti Static Air Blower

    The BlowION ionising air blower will provide long range static elimination over a wide area.

    • Static elimination
    • AC Ionisation
  2. Aerostat Sentry Ionising Blower
    Aerostat Sentry Ionising Blower

    The Aerostat Sentry ionising air blower is designed to remove static charge from 3D products in a range of manufacturiing processes.

    • Static elimination
    • AC Ionisation
  3. VolumION Ionising Blower
    VolumION Ionising Blower

    The VolumION is a robust ionising air blower, offering long range discharge in industrial applications.

    • Static elimination
    • AC Ionisation
  4. PC Blower
    PC Blower

    Simco-Ion’s Aerostat PC Blower provides benchtop ionisation in ESD and pharmaceutical production enviroments.

  5. Aerostat Guardian Ionising Blower
    Aerostat Guardian Ionising Blower

    The Aerostat Guardian controls static "overhead" by blowing ionised air over the product at a workstation to save workbench space.

    • Static Elimination
    • AC Ionisation
  6. Aerostat XC
    Aerostat XC

    Whether above or across the work surface, the Aerostat XC offers optimal control of static charge on a stationary or moving target area. Suitable for other large target areas and/or workbench coverage.

    • Static Elimination
    • AC Ionisation
  7. MinION

    The MinION 2 has been designed to control electrostatic charges in benchtop applications requiring stable operation with fast discharge time.

  8. HP-N-Ex Blower
    HP-N-Ex Blower

    The HP-N-Ex ionising air blower provides long range ionisation in explosive ATEX enviroments.

    • Static elimination
    • AC Ionisation
    • ATEX