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  1. Manager IQ Easy
    Manager IQ Easy

    Manager IQ Easy enables you to create a network of up to 30 static control devices. This unique concept makes it possible to fully control all parameters, allowing devices to interact with each other, optimising your efficiency. The new IQ products all have the unique feature of 24V DC supply voltage. The IQ product range covers the full spectrum of anti-static bars and static charging equipment, including special products for IML.

    • 4 year warranty
    • 24V DC Input Voltage
  2. Extension IQ Easy
    Extension IQ Easy

    Extension IQ Easy can be used to effortlessly extended any Manager IQ Easy to control an additional 6 devices. The Extension IQ Easy comprises a control unit without a display.

    • 4 Year warranty
    • 24V DC input voltage
  3. Simco A-Type Power Unit
    A-Type Power Unit

    A- Type high voltage power supply suitable for Simco's range of AC anti-static equipment.

    • Static Elimination
    • AC Ionisation
  4. LB-Type Bi-Phase Power Unit
    LB-Type Bi-Phase Power Unit

    This power unit is equipped with two high-voltage transformers with 180°phase-shifted output voltages. As a result, the anti-static bars connected to the power unit produce positive and negative ions simultaneously. This ensures optimal neutralization of static charges even at very high velocities.

    • Static Elimination
    • AC Ionisation
  5. D257Q Power Unit
    D257Q Power Unit

    The D257Q power unit is suitable for the Simco USA range of AC anti-static equipment. These power supplies are often fitted to machinery manufactured in the United States.

    • Static Elimination
    • AC Ionisation