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  1. CM Lite Charging Generator
    CM Lite Charging Generator

    Simco CM-Lite is a 20kV static charging generator with microprocessor control to ensure a stable output voltage for a range of static charging applications.

    • Static Bonding
  2. CMME Static Charging Generator
    CMME Static Charging Generator

    CMM IQ Easy and CMME are compact static charging generators specially designed for IML applications. With a small profile footprint, this unit has fully integrated high voltage parts and needs only a 24V DC supply. 

    • Static bonding
    • 4-year warranty
    • 24V DC input voltage 
    • IQ version available
  3. IML Spider
    IML Spider

    The IML Spider is a versatile electrode system for direct charging for In-Mould Label applications. It consists of an IML Spiderblock with built-in resistors to prevent accidental sparking. The IML Spider Block has 8 output ports, with resistors per port, for connection of up to 8 flexible charging electrodes.

    • IML
    • Charging
  4. HD-C and HD-R Bars
    HD-C and HD-R Bars

    These rugged charging bars are used in a variety of industrial applications. The slot at the rear of the charging bar permits easy mounting. HDC charging bars are provided with a resistor to avoid failures in the machine control system in the event of accidental arcing. The cable output may be straight or right-angled (90°).

    • Static Bonding
  5. CM Tiny charging generator
    CM Tiny charging generator

    The CM Tiny is Simco's smallest industrial charging generator for static bonding applications. The unit has fully integrated high voltage parts and only needs a 24V DC supply.

    • Static Bonding
    • 4 Year Warranty
    • 24V DC input voltage
    • IQ version available
  6. CM5-30 & CM5-60 static charging generators
    CM5-30 & CM5-60 static charging generators

    The CM-5 static charging generator is available in 30kV & 60kV versions for more demanding static bonding and charging applications.

    • Static Bonding