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  1. TopGun 3 Ionising Gun
    TopGun 3 Ionising Gun

    Simco-Ion's Top Gun III is a high performance anti-static gun designed for use in ESD and Cleanroon applications.

    • Static Elimination
    • AC Ionisation
    • Surface Cleaning
  2. Guardian CR2000 Overhead Ionising Blower
    Guardian CR2000 Overhead Ionising Blower

    The Guardian CR2000 "Cleanroom Rated" Overhead Ionizing Blower offers cleanroom static control.

    • AC Ionisation
    • Cleanroom
  3. Aerostat Guardian Ionising Blower
    Aerostat Guardian Ionising Blower

    The Aerostat Guardian controls static "overhead" by blowing ionised air over the product at a workstation to save workbench space.

    • Static Elimination
    • AC Ionisation
  4. TopGun Sidekick ionising gun
    TopGun Sidekick ionising gun

    Simco-Ion's Top Gun Sidekick is developed for light industrial, electronics and cleanroom applications. A high ion production ensures optimal neutralisation of static charges with handsfree operation. 

    • Static Elimination
    • AC Ionisation
    • Surface Cleaning
  5. Aerostat PC2 Blower
    Aerostat PC2 Blower

    Simco-Ion’s Aerostat PC Blower provides benchtop ionisation in ESD and pharmaceutical production enviroments.

  6. MinION

    The MinION 2 has been designed to control electrostatic charges in benchtop applications requiring stable operation with fast discharge time.

  7. FMX-004

    The Simco FMX-004 is the convenient compact handheld electrostatic field meter that offers unrivalled measurement and storage capabilities. The user-friendly device allows you to measure and store polarity and field strength accurately and efficiently. The unique integrated LED indicators help the user to set the correct measurement distance, ensuring accurate readings. The unique bicolour display shows the measured value both numerical and graphically.

  8. AirForce model 6115 ionizing blow-off gun
    AirForce model 6115 ionizing blow-off gun

    Simco-Ion's AirForce model 6115 ionizing blow-off gun effectively removing particle contamination in clean room and electronics assembly applications.

    • Static Elimination
    • DC Ionisation
    • Surface Cleaning
    • Electronics
  9. Aerostat XC
    Aerostat XC

    Whether above or across the work surface, the Aerostat XC extended coverage ionising air blower offers optimal control of static charge on a stationary or moving target area. Suitable for other large target areas and/or workbench coverage. REPLACEMENT FOR SENTRY BLOWER

    • Static Elimination
    • AC Ionisation
  10. FusION Local Area Ionizer
    IONcell Ionizer

    IONcell delivers localised electrostatic charge control in limited spaces.

    • DC Ionisation
    • Cleanroom
  11. In-line IONcell
    In-line IONcell

    Simco-Ion’s In-Line IONcell Ioniser is capable of controlling electrostatic charge in a local area. This incredibly compact ionizer offers tungsten emitters, offering fast discharge times.

    • Static elimination
    • DC ionisation
  12. Model 775 Handheld Periodic Verification System
    Model 775 Handheld Periodic Verification System

    The Simco-Ion Periodic Verification System Model 775PVS is a hand-held alternative to a charged plate monitor.

    • Measurement