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  1. Simco 24 V Desktop Power Supply
    Simco 24 V Desktop Power Supply

    Trouble-free power supply for Simco-Ion's 24V DC anti-static ionising bars.

    • IQ Ready
    • Standard UK mains socket
  2. Bar Cleaning Kit
    Bar Cleaning Kit

    Bar cleaning kit to ensure ionisation equipment remains in optimum condition.

  3. FMX wrist strap
    FMX wrist strap

    A convenient wrist strap to minimise the risk of damage to the Simco FMX static meter.

  4. 24 V DC DIN Rail Power Supply
    24 V DC DIN Rail Power Supply

    Power supply for all Simco 24 V products.

    • 24 V DC
  5. M12 Connection cables
    M12 Connection cables

    A range of M12 connection cables suitable for use with all Simco-Ion 24 V DC products.

    • 24 V DC
  6. Universal Mounting Bracket
    Universal Mounting Bracket

    Universal Mounting brackets for Simco-Ion 24 V products

    • 24 V DC
    • Backwards compatible
  7. IML Easycore
    IML Easycore

    Simco-Ion’s patented IML charging technique is even more versatile with the IML Easycore 2 component resin for construction of IML cores or grippers. Even very complex and small cores can be constructed with the 2 component resin.

  8. IML Foam
    IML Foam

    Improve your IML process with Simco IML foam. Available 850mm wide per metre.