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Performax IQ Easy-Ex ATEX Anti-Static bar

The Performax IQ Easy-Ex is a compact 24V DC ant-static bar suitable for ATEX enviroments, with the added benefit of total control when paired with the Manager IQ controller.

  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Static elimination
  • ATEX Approved
  • 24V DC input voltage
  • IQ Ready
  • Pulsed DC ionisation
  • Universal Mounting
  • Bar Clean Warning

This compact anti-static ionising bar provides highly efficient static neutralisation for explosive and hazardous environments. The Performax IQ Easy-Ex has an integrated high voltage power supply and takes its 24V DC low voltage from the Manager IQ.

When connected to the Manager IQ the bar output can be constantly monitored, and alarms raised when the performance drops to anything less than optimal. The Manager IQ will also provide and indication of when the bars needs cleaning.

The Performax IQ Easy Ex bar has protection classification IP66 which allows easy cleaning. The aluminium profile offers a very rugged structure up to 3m in length. Universal mounting brackets are supplied for various mounting options.

This anti-static ionising bars are available in two variations:

1) Standard, for all applications with a working distance between 100 and 500 mm

2) Speed, for high-speed applications with a working distance between 100 and 500 mm

This version should ideally be used with the Manager IQ to make full use of all the features, but can also be also used without the Manager IQ running off a 24V DC power supply.

  • Built in high voltage power supply, input voltage 24V DC
  • Robust aluminium profile
  • Aluminium housing minimising risk of distortion
  • Protection classification IP66
  • Universal mounting brackets
  • No HV cable in Ex Area
  • Atex II 2 GD
    EX mb IIB T4 Gb
    EX mb IIB T135 °C Db

Simco Video HERE

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Technical Specs

Incorporated high voltage power supply,
Input voltage: 24V DC
Cable lenght:5, 10 or 20m
Use: Industrial with IP66 rating, ATEX
Fixing: Universal mounting brackets
Control: IQ prepared
Warranty: 4 years
Approval : ATEX II 2 GD Ex mb s IIB T4 Gb Ex mb s IIB Db T135°C