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Performax IQ Easy Anti-Static bar

The rugged Performax IQ Easy static neutralising bar provides medium range static discharge over distances of 500mm, with material speeds running in excess of 1000 metres per minute. 24V reliability backed by a 4 year warranty.

  • 4-year warranty
  • Bar Clean Warning
  • 24V DC Input Voltage
  • Pulsed DC Ionisation
  • IQ Ready
  • Universal Mounting
  • IP66



The Performax IQ Easy features integrated high voltage generation, requiring an input of only 24V DC. It is equipped with an industry standard M12 connector for 24V DC input. A two-colour LED indicates bar status, ON (green) or FAULT (red). Additionally, the M12 connector provides a remote ON/OFF feature and a high voltage OK signal.

With a range of 500mm this will work in a range of industries including, converting, winding, bagmaking, printing, injection moulding. 24V DC technology ensures market leading reliability backed by a 4 year warranty.

Available in two versions.

1     Standard for general use, operating distance up to 500mm.

2     Speed for high speed applications, material speeds exceeding 500 m per minute.


The Performax IQ Easy Standard performs at its optimum between a distance of 100 mm and 500 mm, at material speeds below 500 metres per minute and is available in effective lengths between of 270 mm and 4770 mm, in 180 mm increments.

For material speeds exceeding 500 metres per minute and or distances from 50 to 500 mm the Performax IQ Easy Speed is recommended which is available in effective lengths between 210 mm to 4890 mm, in 60 mm increments.

When connected to the Manager IQ many parameters in the bar can be adjusted and monitored, importantly a bar clean warning. Additionally the Manager IQ Easy will provide the 24V DC power to run the bar.

Technical Specs

Working distance: 100 - 500mm
Housing material: GRP
Emitter pins: Special alloy
Cable: Low voltage
Connector: Industry standard M12 5 pin
Weight: 1.25 kg/m
Ambient temperature: 0-55 °C
Use: Industrial
Primary: 24 V DC, <0.5 A
Protection classification: IP66
Power unit: Integrated, 24V DC voltage input
Indication: High Bright LED green/red
Signalling: Green, continuous - In operation Green, flashing - Standby Red, continuous - Overload Red, flashing - HV OK Overload IO
Signals: Remote on/off 10-30 V DC, High voltage OK, supply voltage - 1V. Max. 50 mA