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Aerostat PC2 Blower

Simco-Ion’s Aerostat PC Blower provides benchtop ionisation in ESD and pharmaceutical production enviroments.


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Simco-Ion’s Aerostat PC2 Blower provides localized static discharge with superior static charge decay efficiency. The PC Blower is designed to provide ionisation over a targeted work surface in Pharmaceutical or Electronics Assembly environments.

  • Discharge time of 1.5 seconds at 300mm
  • Lightweight, compact and quiet for unobtrusive use
  • Built-in emitter point cleaner
  • Variable-speed fan for airflow control
  • Status lamp indicates high voltage is present at the emitter points
  • Integrated heater for warm airflow
  • Optional fan air filter

A built-in emitter point cleaner provides low maintenance.

A variable-speed fan produces an air volume of from 35 to 70 CFM.


Technical Specs
Input voltage:

230V AC, 50Hz: 0.9A (fan high, heater on); 0.05A (fan low, heater off)


1.5 sec @ 300mm

2.5 sec @ 600mm

4 sec @ 900mm

6 sec @ 1200mm

from blower centre, fan high (1000-100V), typical

Balance: ±10V @ 300mm
Coverage area: 300 x 1500mm
Dimension: 14 x 22 x 8.4cm
Weight: 2.6 kg