Are we really ‘Anti-Static’?

Lockdown has been a challenge for us all, from trying to remain open whilst social distancing and ensuring staff safety, to producing new products such as PPE equipment and enabling staff to work from home. We have all proved we can adapt and that we are resilient and determined.
These difficult times have shown us all how important it is to plan and prepare for the future. 

As we start to reopen, start-up production we ask that you consider your current set up? None of us can ‘wing’ it anymore, we need to create safe effective working practices. So as the world starts to get back to normal it is time to look at our processes. We are all asking ourselves, as we return to our desks and factories if things will be the same. Should they be the same? Is this the time to look at our practices, procedures, and equipment? The answer is yes!

With the Simco range of products, we can provide equipment that will change how you control static. 

Time to be proactive.

Were we as efficient as we would like? Can we afford to return to normal? Were we creating too much waste, machine downtime and contamination?

We are offering free static surveys for all existing and new customers, we want our UK economy to thrive and grow, we believe by implementing improved or additional systems and practices we can create more profitable and effective manufacturing throughout the UK.

Time to implement better practices and equipment – Are we future proof?

Looking forward to Industry 4.0, with our partner Simco we can provide anti-static and charging equipment that will integrate with your existing systems and revolutionise the way you control static in your processes.

Speaking to our customers we are seeing a positive move towards modernisation, efficiency, and greater productivity. Here at eStat, we are ready for Industry 4.0, looking at the future of manufacturing. Can we help you improve your productivity? 

Want to reduce waste? Improve efficiency? Reduce machine downtime? Call us.

We can help you to increase production in a safer environment.

Now more than ever we are thinking about contamination. From cleaning systems to handheld ionisation, we offer the complete range of products to create clean environments.

We do not think about static until it causes us a problem. We become very ‘anti-static’ when we experience contamination, delays, shocks and even fires!

It is time to become ‘anti-static’.

The future is here, the future of static control is Simco.