The evolution of Simco anti-static systems takes existing processes to new levels of control and performance. We have recently supplied one of our long-standing customers with the Simco IQ System for installation on their 9m wide Kampf slitter. The machine was supplied some years ago and was originally fitted with Simco P-SH-N2 anti-static bars, which performed well. However, these bars have failed to keep up with new technologies and customer demands. Time to think outside the Anti-Static Box!

Our customer needed better static control and the ability to monitor the remaining charge on the finished rolls of material. 

Simco's IQ system fitted the bill perfectly, providing everything the customer needed. Most importantly the roll charge level could be monitored in real-time, with charge data logged for use later by the QA department.

The large proportions of the 9 metre wide, posed something of a challenge but with clever bar sizing, a network of anti-static bars was created to give coverage over the total machine width, proving almost any configuration of bars is possible. Sensor IQ Easy bars were fitted to take static charge readings, working in tandem with the Performax IQ Easy anti-static bars. This closed-loop feedback system gives feedback to the Manager IQ allowing the system to make constant changes to the bar output meaning the roll charge is always low. During final testing, we measured a roll charge of 0.5kV, which on a high-speed line of this size previously unheard of.

Our customer is delighted with their new Simco IQ System and plans to follow this with another system for the next machine on site.