We are pleased to announce Simco-Ion's new Cleanflex Easy ionising air gun. Following many months of development and testing the new air gun comes with a list of many innovative features.

The on-board high voltage generation means an end to cumbersome, easy to damage high voltage cables. The gun simply requires a 24V DC power supply either from an existing source or Simco's compact plug-in adaptor. Previously, and damage to the guns high voltage cable meant a costly, time-consuming repair. Now it's simply a matter of changing the cheap, easy to source cable with M12 industrial connector.

Other benefits over older models include lower air consumption, typically 40% less, increased blow off force, 1-2 times more. 

Further enhancements include a reduction in noise level, typically 2-5 times less.

Airflow is controlled by a full hand trigger making operation over long periods much more comfortable.

The gun's soft, non-silicon, tip ensures no chance of damage to parts being cleaned.

We will add this to our product range on this website once we are in a position to take orders.

Watch video here