A customer recently experienced problems when producing a new product, EPS Foam.

During the extrusion process flammable gases, typically butane or pentane, are introduced to create a foam structure.

After the process is complete the remaining gas will disperse into the atmosphere, leaving a safe material.

When the personnel were in the area of the foam, they frequently received static shocks from the material.

The resulting sparks could ignite the remaining gases with dangerous results.

Following a fire in the rewind area, eStat were asked to find a solution that would ensure complete control and monitoring of the ionisation equipment.

A big ask? Before the Simco IQ System this would have been impossible.

We made available a trial system available consisting of Performax IQ Easy bars, Sensor bars & IQ Manager.

The IQ Manager will enable shift supervisors to keep a continuous check on the ionisation equipment, reporting any faults or high material charges.

Following a 2 month trial, our customer was very happy with the results.

The previous charge of 16kV had been reduced to 0.2kV.

As an additional benefit, our customer has seen a reduction in insurance premiums, as potential fire risks are now minimised or in fact completely removed.

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