Telford company eStat Solutions, who are UK (United Kingdom) market leaders in positive solutions for static control have added an exciting and efficient new product. Designed for engineers and production operators that want to optimise their static control in the modern workplace.

Blowflex Easy is a compressed air ionizer designed to clean electrostatically charged surfaces or parts. It produces a stream of air containing positive and negative ions. When this air stream is directed over an electrostatically charged surface, electrons are exchanged, which neutralizes the surface. In this way, the blown-off particles are prevented from being attracted again.

Director of eStat Solutions, Jeremy Ellis said “Blowflex Easy is a 24 Volt product which in modern industrial sectors is especially useful because it will easily integrate with most control systems. Primarily designed to work with PLC systems it will fit well within Industry 4.0, the new technological industrial revolution.

One of our customers, a plastic bottle producer, having problems with static electricity meaning labels to be misplaced. This product was quick and easy solution that was installed with a minimum of engineering time.”

Blowflex Easy is a neat, clean product that fits perfectly into the modern workplace and has an unique four-year warranty, giving you that long term peace of mind regarding your static control in the workplace.

Using a patented high-frequency, high voltage generator, Blowflex Easy is highly efficient. A green LED indicates when the nozzle is in use. A quick disconnect 8mm hose connection is standard. If desired an ¼” BSP air nipple can also be used instead of the quick connect nipple. Mounting positions can be adapted to the situation, using the Simco-Ion universal mounting brackets, M8 threaded holes in the bottom, or 6 mm holes in the side. An extra cover plate comes with the housing when the holes in the side are used. The housing is fully IP66, so it is suitable for environments where cleaning is frequent. There are a variety of output configurations available to complement a wide range of applications.

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