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  1. Book your Cleanflex ionising air gun demo now

    Simco's new Cleanflex ionising air gun is now available to demo.

  2. Simco launches VicinION their compact short range anti-static bar.

    New compact 24V DC anti-static bar.

  3. Cleanflex Easy ionising air gun now available to buy!

    We are pleased to announce Simco-Ion's new Cleanflex Easy ionising air gun is now available to buy. Following many months of development and testing the new air gun comes with a list of many 

  4. Time to get 'Anti-Static'

    Are we really ‘Anti-Static’? Lockdown has been a challenge for us all, from trying to remain open whilst social distancing and ensuring staff safety, to producing new products such as PPE

  5. Dangers of Static Electricity in the Workplace

    When we think about health and safety in the workplace, static electricity is not discussed often enough. However, it is a hidden danger that needs more discussion and attention.

  6. What Causes Static Electricity?

    What Causes Static Electricity? Static electricity can be a nuisance and even dangerous — especially in the workplace. You most likely know static electricity as that small shock you sometimes

  7. Static Electricity Day!

    January 9th is a day to honour anything and everything static.

  8. Counterfeit FMX

    We all know that saying ‘If it looks too to good to be true, it probably is’ right? At eStat we are aware of the increasing availability of imitation Simco products.

  9. eStat offer same day deliveries!

    Don’t want to wait for deliveries? Machine down? Production stopped?

  10. Welcome to a new level of static control

    Here at eStat we have been talking about Simco-ION’s IQ Easy Platform for a couple of years and rest assured we have no plans to stop just yet!