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Extension IQ Easy

Extension IQ Easy can be used to effortlessly extended any Manager IQ Easy to control an additional 6 devices. The Extension IQ Easy comprises a control unit without a display.

  • 4 Year warranty
  • 24V DC input voltage

Simco's Extension IQ Easy allows the further extension to the Manager IQ Easy controller. Status LED's show power on, overall warning and alarm status. The 24V DC power distribution is routed via the Extension, so no extra power cables. This ensures connecting a new device is even easier than a connection to a single desktop power supply.

The Extension IQ Easy is available in 2 versions:

1) Input voltage 100-240V /50-60 Hz This unit converts the input voltage to 24V DC and provides power to all 6 devices connected.

2) Input voltage 24V DC. This unit supplies the input voltage to all connected devices.

Further expansion of the system is possible using multiple Extension IQ Easy units. Each Extension adds an additional 6 devices to the system with a maximum of 30 devices in total. Two input ports on each Manager or Extension are available for connection to 24V non IQ products e.g. Performax Easy.

Communication to machine interfaces is provided. Analogue and digital inputs, outputs as well as a serial protocol can be used. These interfaces are provided by the Manager IQ Easy.

Pro-Active ionisation control: 
Through Simco-Ion's patented technology of upstream charge evaluation, it is possible to fine-tune neutralisation of static in combination with a Performax IQ Easy anti-static bar.

Adding a Sensor IQ Easy to the system to measure the downstream charge the system can be further perfected. The closed-loop measuring and adjustment of the static bar performance will guarantee an extremely low level of residual charge. Devices can be placed anywhere on the platform. A device connected to the Manager can communicate with a device connected to the Extension and vice versa.

Data logging:
All devices and process parameters are logged in real-time through the Manager.

Technical Specs

Connection of up to 6 devices per IQ Easy
Allows up to 30 devices in total
LED indicators.
4 year warranty
Input voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz or 24V DC
Output voltage: 24V DC