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ES-2J Ionising Gun

The Simco ES-2J is designed to eliminate surface static charge, so making for easy dust and contamination removal.

  • Static Elimination
  • AC Ionisation
  • Surface Cleaning

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The ES-2J will provide static elimination using high pressure compressed air, removing contamination from smaller surface areas. The high-pressure output means contamination in hard to reach areas is easily removed.

Thanks to its rugged design this gun is ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications, with high voltage cable protected by a steel flexible conduit. The airflow is controlled by the trigger, allowing easy control of the gun.

The emitter point is capacitively coupled to the high voltage, so making the gun shock-less and safe to use. Up to two guns can be connected to one A2A7S high voltage power unit.

  • Working distance 400 mm
  • Fast contamination removal
  • Three cable lengths 3m, 6m & 9m
  • Ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications

Part Numbers

0505001003 - 3m cable

0505001006 - 6m cable

0505001009 - 9m cable


Technical Specs

Working distance: 300 mm max.
Housing material: Aluminum
Emitter pins: special alloy
Cable: Metal shielded 3, 6 or 9 metres
Weight: 1 kg incl. 3 metres cable
Ambient temperature: 0 - 60 °C
Use circumstances: Industrial
Operating voltage: 7 kV AC
Noise level: 78 dB using 2 bar at 0,6 m
Air consumption: 275 l/min. using 2 bar
Max. pressure: 7 bar
Air connection: 1/4” BSP with 8 mm hose connection
Suitable power unit: A2A7S/MPM