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1/2" SS Anti Static Bar

The 1/2" SS anti static bar provides simple, cost effective static elimination. Direct coupled emitters mean less cleaning so particularly suited to be fitted in inaccessible locations.

  • Static elimination
  • AC ionisation

The ½” SS anti-static bar provides cost-effective ionisation in confined areas. The emitter pins are directly coupled to the high voltage, so the maximum ionising current is achieved. These bars are easily cleaned so perfectly suited for installation in places that are subject to heavy fouling.

  • Short range ionisation 10-30mm
  • Direct coupled emitters for strong output
  • Easy to site
  • Chemical resistant
  • High temperature tolerance 150 deg C
  • Compact design

These bars should be installed in such a manner that the emitter pins cannot be touched by personnel when powered up.

Technical Specs

Working distance: 30 mm
Housing material: Anodised aluminium
Inner bar material: PTFE
Emitter pins: Special alloy
Cable: High voltage cable
Weight: 0,56 kg/m
Ambient temperature:150 °C with a special cable
Use circumstances: Industrial
Operating voltage: 4 kV AC
Options: Right angle cable exit
Suitable power unit: A2A4S / MPM
Approval: UL