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Our range of anti static products

Featured Products
  1. VicinION Anti-Static Bar
    VicinION Anti-Static Bar

    Compact 24V DC anti-static bar for printers and other close-range applications.

    • Static Elimination
    • 24V DC Input Voltage
    • 4-Year Warranty
    • Universal Mounting
  2. Cleanflex Easy Ionised Air Gun
    Cleanflex Easy Ionised Air Gun

    Cleanflex Easy anti-static ionising air gun is a lightweight, ergonomic utilising market-leading technology. 

    • 24V DC Input Voltage
    • Surface Cleaning
    • 4 Year Warranty
  3. Manager IQ Easy
    Manager IQ Easy

    Manager IQ Easy enables you to create a network of up to 30 static control devices. This unique concept makes it possible to fully control all parameters, allowing devices to interact with each other, optimising your efficiency. The new IQ products all have the unique feature of 24V DC supply voltage. The IQ product range covers the full spectrum of anti-static bars and static charging equipment, including special products for IML.

    • 4 year warranty
    • 24V DC Input Voltage

Suppliers Of High Quality Industrial Antistatic Products And Cleaning Systems.

eStat Solutions Ltd offers a comprehensive range of Simco static elimination ionising bars and charging equipment, used in a wide range of industries. To complement this, we also supply the range of  Ziegener + Frick cleaning systems for use with moving webs or 3D parts. There is often a need for static removal and cleaning in one easy operation, whereby our equipment will fulfil this. Browse our wide range of Simco anti-static bars to find the most suitable solution from our anti-static products to meet your requirements.

eStat Solutions has extensive knowledge of a broad range of manufacturing processes, so we're able to offer the most appropriate solutions.

Our staff are passionate about solving customer’s process problems, without a ‘sales at any cost’ mentality. Working with key suppliers, we can offer the most effective and advanced technology on the market, the highest quality equipment or complete turnkey solutions.

With a comprehensive range including ATEX products, ionising air guns, nozzles, Simco-Ion IQ Platform, web cleaning, ESD products, static measurement, anti-static ionising bars, power units, perforation detection and static charging equipment.

Stocking the most popular products enables us to ship the same day for next day delivery. For emergency breakdowns, stock products can even be couriered to site within a matter of hours. If you need a static elimination bar, eliminator or other anti-static product, we can help.

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