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Find out how you can control static electricity

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Neutralise static electricity from distance with the VolumION

Long range ionisation

Neutralise static electricity from long range.

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The best static-busting gun in town.

Total control

Manage up to 30 of your static control devices from one place.

Convenient static measurement

Static control starts with static identification and measurement.


Welcome to eStat Solutions, suppliers of high quality static elimination products and industrial cleaning systems.


Our Anti Static Products

ESD category

eStat Solutions Ltd offer a comprehensive range of static elimination ionising bars and equipment, used in many industries. To compliment this, we can also offer cleaning systems for use with moving webs or 3D parts. There is often a need for static removal and cleaning in one easy operation, whereby our equipment will fulfil this.

Our company has extensive knowledge of a broad range of manufacturing processes, so is able to offer the most appropriate static elimination solutions.

Our people are passionate about solving customer’s process problems, without a ‘sales at any cost’ mentality. Working with key suppliers we can offer the most effective and advanced technology on the market, the highest quality equipment and complete turnkey solutions.

Our range includes ATEX products, ionising air guns and nozzles, the new Simco-Ion IQ Platform, web cleaning, ESD products, static measurement, anti-static ionising bars, power units, perforation detection and static charging equipment.

Stocking the most popular static control products, we can usually ship same day for early next day delivery. For emergency breakdowns, stock static elimination items can even be couriered to site within a matter of hours.

Product focus: Anti-static ionising bar

example of anti-static ionising bar We offer an extensive range of Simco-Ion anti-static ionising bars in shockless and non-shockless versions. The anti-static bars (also known as static elimination bars) consist of a series of ionising emitter points powered by a high voltage power unit. Simco-Ion anti-static ionising bars are also available for applications requiring long and short range neutralisation.

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